1 - 5ml Vinland - $15.00

1 - Imp pack - $19.50
1. Snake oil
2. Glasgow
3. Black Forest
4. Hunger
5. O
6. VooDoo

1 – 5ml Bewitched - $15.00

1 – Imp pack – 19.50
1. Jack
2. Blood Kiss
3. Tiger Lily
4. Embalming Fluid
5. Hell Cat
6. Black Pearl

Shipping - $11.00

Total: $80.00

ETA: I've made my choices. what do you think?
Any other pointers for a first order?

From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/__gracelesslady/

well you've got a couple woodsy ones and the ever popular snake oil... what other kind of scents are you interested in? musky, foody, floral (i'm no help there, heh), sweet, incensey, spicy?

From: [identity profile] paintmeindark.livejournal.com

hmm... I love vanilla. not the sickly sweet ice cream vanilla but the real almost spicy vanilla. I'm not that fond of sweet smells.. hmm my mother alwasy wears musky scents (the overpowering avon ones ugh) so i want to avoid that. I'm not fond of florals but the manbeast seems to really like them on me so if i could find a simple one thats not OMG ROSES!!!!! would be great. I go for warmer sents then the cool one.
hehe the manbeast gave me some money so I'll be able to get another 15ml and imp pack. wehehehe

From: [identity profile] danacarlesays.livejournal.com

I personally love the Alice in Wonderland set because its all really fruity without being obnoxiously so. Mhhh Cheshire Cat.

From: [identity profile] paintmeindark.livejournal.com

cool. I've really got to sit down and read through the whole cataloge again. The Manbeast gave me some $$$ so I'll be able to get anthother 15ml and a imp pack.
what to get oh what to get....


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