1 - 5ml Vinland - $15.00

1 - Imp pack - $19.50
1. Bewitched
2. Glasgow
3. Black Forest
4. Hunger
5. O
6. VooDoo

1 – 5ml Snake oil - $15.00

1 – Imp pack – 19.50
1. Jack
2. Blood Kiss
3. Tiger Lily
4. Embalming Fluid
5. Hell Cat
6. Black Pearl

Shipping - $11.00

Total: $80.00

Anyone have these? opinions?

From: [identity profile] wikkidraven.livejournal.com

you've got some good blends there...i'm a big fan of snake oil, bewitched, jack, blood kiss, hellcat and black pearl.

is this your first ever order, or have you tried some of these already?

From: [identity profile] paintmeindark.livejournal.com

This my first order. I picked these out knowing that there is at least one thing I like in each one. Any pointers for a first timer?

From: [identity profile] wikkidraven.livejournal.com

you've got tastes that are very similar to mine. i'd be happy to send you a newbie pack.

sadly, i own most of that list =)

From: [identity profile] paintmeindark.livejournal.com

lol smelling lovely is never a sad thing.
newbie pack you say? hmm that would that involve?

From: [identity profile] wikkidraven.livejournal.com

i could send you some samples, if you like. or, i highly recommend you check out the bpal communities.

most of the time you'll end up spending less than you would ordering direct, and you'll get to try a wider variety of scents. that way when you put in an order, you'll know exactly what you need.

From: [identity profile] paintmeindark.livejournal.com

hmmm... I don't know. I really want that bottle of Vinland because they are discontinuing it at the end of the month. I dont know if I could swing that and a purchase from you. Next time I scrape some cash together I'll get some stuff off you. thanks for the help.

From: [identity profile] wikkidraven.livejournal.com

oh right i'd forgotten Vinland was being discontinued!

feel free to pester me if you have any questions or want some recommendations :)


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