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Birthdate:Sep 23
Location:Newfoundland, Canada
Most of the entries in this journal are friends only...

My obsessions/fandoms: Firefly/Serenity, LOTR, Discworld, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (bpal), HP, and a few more.


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Interests (134):

abandoned graveyards, abandoned places, acoustic guitar, adventures, alice in wonderland, ancient weapons, animals, antiques, archery, astrology, autumn, backpacking, belly dancing, bettie page, black phoenix alchemy lab, body modification, books, boots, boxers, bpal, camping, canada, candlelight on dark nights, candy, cats, comics, corsets, csi, discworld, dreaming, emotions, equal rights, fantasy, flogging molly, flowers, folklore, geeks, getting lost, ghosts, glaciers, graveyards, hanging out, harry potter, history, honesty, individuality, insanity, inside jokes, insomnia, ireland, johnny cash, kissing, lightning, long hair, long walks, lord of the rings, massage, meditation, men, men with tattoos, middle ages, middle earth, moonlight, motorcycles, moulin rouge, movies, mr darcy, museums, music, mysterious men, mysticism, mythology, nature, newfoundland, night, old things, painting, passion, peacocks, perfumes and potions, philosophy, photography, pirates, poetry, pride and prejudice, procrastination, rain, rainy nights, rammstein, reading, red, red roses, romance, sarcasm, science fiction, sex, shakespeare, shiny things, silver, sleeping in, snow, solitude, speaking my mind, stained glass, stars, steampunk, storms, stupid things, swearing, swords, tattoos, terry pratchett, the devils panties, the middle ages, the ocean, the woods, thinking, thunderstorms, tim burton, tolkien, travel, traveling, trees, vampires, van gogh, vikings, visiting historical places, vodka, walking in the rain, walks, what not to wear, winter, wolves, writing
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